Published October 27, 2012 by krystal

It’s almost Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays!  Our costumes have been ready for of a week!  🙂  It thinking about Halloween takes me back to many years of trick or treating, and more recently, dressing up for the school “costume parade” at school.

Our first year together for Halloween we were Johnny Cash and June Carter.  I had a bump the size of Texas, a Guitar Hero mic, a blue floral dress my Grandma wore in the 70’s or 80’s, and plenty of red lipstick.  Joey, was in all black, of course, with the Guitar Hero guitar.  We were pretty awesome.  I don’t think anyone actually guessed that we were Johnny and June, but many knew that we were singers, and some actually said country singers, which was refreshing.

Our second year together we were much more recognizable.  That summer, we watched Toy Story 3 in 3D, which inspired us to dress as Woody and Jessie.  I do realize that Woody and Bo Peep were officially together, but it was much cuter with Jessie.  We I made the entire costumes.  My shirt was painted to look just like Jessie.  Joey’s vest and my chaps were hand sewn.  We did not have hats, as it might have been difficult for shipping.  There were 3-4 other Woodys at the costume parade, but only one Jessie!  The audience loved it so much that we won 3rd place!


Last year, we I was inspired by another kid’s summer movie:  Gnomeo and Juliet.  My mom helped us make the gnome hats, and after a little newspaper in the tip, they were perfect.  Juliet had chin length hair, so to achieve that look, I loosely put my hair up so that it looked cut.  My students were surprised to see that my hair was back to normal the next day.  Some thought it was really cut!  My mom also helped paint my apron.  My red dress was found at Goodwill, and Joey made his “G” belt from a ribbon and wooden letter from Wal-Mart.  Joey wears jeans and a fleece vest each day, so that part of his costume was nbd.  We were really cute, but some people thought I was a farm girl!  Also, one lady told me, “Your costume really fits you!  It’s perfect!”  I did not think I had very much in common with a cartoon version of a lawn gnome, but perhaps?  Maybe she was right, because the audience voted us #2!


Will we do it this year?  Will we be #1?  Only time will tell!

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