Did I mention I like to paint my nails?

Published November 7, 2012 by krystal

Did I mention I like to paint my nails?  Well, I do.  A lot, actually.  I usually use OPI nail polish, though I have a few other brands here and there.  I use Konad to make the super cool patterns.  Seche Vite or CND Super Shiney are my top coats of choice, in that order.  What is my favorite color?  Why, Italian Love Affair, of course!  Paired with a black design it is just perfect.  OPI describes it as romantic and pearly.  I agree.

I am kind of into the accent nail, but not as much as some people.  I hate explaining why one is different, so it’s usually easier to just do them all the same.  I am definitely not a pro, but I try, and get lots of compliments irl.

Here are some of my faves over the last year:

This is plaid Italian Love Affair with Maroon. I like the ILA/maroon combo, it’s probably one of my faves!

Dotted Love Affair, my current look! It’s black with ILA.  My ring finger was done with one of the reinforcement stickers.

Half moons over Italy- ILA with a black swirly Konad stamp. Half moons were achieved by using reinforcement stickers.

Italians Love Hounds Tooth- Do they? IDK. This is ILA mixed with maroon hounds tooth.

A Wild Italian Ride! This is the famous water marble technique. I used ILA, yellow, brown, and baby blue.  It turned out a little sloppy, and weighed down my nails more than I usually like. It was fun for a once in a while thing.

Blue Zebra- This reminds me of a candy cane I ate once. I really like using the pastel and regular version of a color.

Hot Pink Zebra- I love pink, and I love zebra! I’ve probably done this combo many many times.

Strawberries! This was one of my cute summer designs. The dots were done using a Konad plate. The green tops were done using regular scotch tape that was cut crooked.

Hounds Tooth & Red. A classic, it reminds me of winter, even though I painted it over the summer.

A Palm Sunset. I did this design for our trip to Virginia Beach. One of my favorites ever. I used a regular kitchen sponge to make the orange, red, and purple. The arch was made using reinforcement stickers.

Woo Pig Sooie! A shade of OPI brown, topped with white laces, hand drawn, clearly. The red is a Melani shade, with Melani glitter.

I hope you enjoyed my hard work!

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