The First of Winter or I Do Not Like Ice!

Published November 13, 2012 by krystal


Yesterday Joey and I had to go to the store.  On the way, I randomly yelled, “Let’s go to the beach!”  Joey, being the wonderful loving husband he is, veered to the left, and to the beach we went!    The ride down was pretty cold, even though we were riding with the wind.  Joey complained many times that his head was cold.  I offered to swap hats, since I was certain mine was warmer.  Joey did not want to.  He argued that his was made of wool.

We made it to the beach and saw that there was still open water!  What?  It’s November 12!?!?!?  We usually have 4 feet of snow by now, and the sea has long been frozen over.  We weren’t going to drive up to the water though, because well, the photo on the left explains enough.  We could see how the waves had once frozen mid-tide.  Sometimes images like these make me think of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, how the waves are pretty much flash frozen.  We walked a little ways out, but not too far in fear of our safety.  Plus, it was starting to get dark, and we were getting colder by the minute!

We had barely reached the road when Joey pulled over.  I asked what was wrong, and he just said, “Change hats!”  I guess what I failed to mention before is that I have quite the extensive collection of Imagetoboggan/beanie/knit hats.  Some are warm, some are thin and not as warm.  Some have animals, one of my favorites has a heart that says the Beatles, others have stripes or designs.  I even have a white one made of real rabbit fur.  Most of them have the flaps to cover and protect the ears.  The particular hat I was wearing yesterday had ears, horns, was yellow and brown, and greatly resembled a giraffe.  Perhaps that is why Joey declined it the first ten times.  It is polar fleeced lined, though, so how could he not resist?  Upon trading, I realized that his hat was way cold, and he was probably better off with mine, since he was driving the 4 wheeler and does not have near the quantity of hair as me.

We rode to the store with our hats swapped.  Joey immediately took mine off his head before entering the store.  Most people leave all of their winter gear on in the store, except for maybe their gloves.  He put it back on as we were leaving.  Several of the older kids from school were entering as we were leaving.  Many of them told him how much they loved his hat.

I am so glad we decided to go to the store and beach, because when we woke up this morning there was a blizzard!  The beach will not be the same next time.  This morning there was ice.  It was bad.  I slipped and fell 5 times on the way to school.  I hurt my wrist one of the times, then Joey grabbed it to pull me up.  Ouch.  I’m glad we finally made it.  I only fell once on the way home to lunch, but that one time was enough!  Joey found me some ice cleats, so it was much easier to walk back to school.

I hope your winter adventures have been better than mine today!


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