I’m Nothing if Not Fancy.

Published November 28, 2012 by krystal


Over the many years I have been out on my own, all five Christmases, I have sent Christmas cards to my friends and family.  The first year (2008), it was just Mason and me.  That was the year I started dating Joey.

Today would be our 4th anniversary if we were still dating.  Aww…  How far we’ve went (36,000 miles together)  and yet I’m back in the same apartment I lived in when we met!

The next year (2009) Joey joined the photo (and has been part of the Yule Tide festivity since), and the mailing list pretty much tripled.  Just a few months later, the wedding invites went out with this awesome wax seal on the back.


After a very rushed move, the faux wax and stamp were buried in the bottom of a tub.  This year, we decided to dig it out for our Christmas cards.  No sense in just letting the awesomeness collect loneliness!  Gotta spread some fancy, I am nothing if not fancy!  It’s the details, folks!

Joey and I were definitely a little rusty with the small glue gun and bronze stamp from Old School Seals.  After a little practice, we were just as awesome as we were almost three years ago!

ImageWe successfully completed 73 envelopes on Black Friday.  They are still sitting on the table.  Oops.  We’ll send them this Friday.  It seems a little silly to mail Christmas cards before December 1 November 30.  I think we’re usually like the first people on the planet to send out cards, anyway!  We are still missing a few addresses, but Ooooooh well!

How did we get people to send us their address?  Oh, I thought you’d never ask!  We put the cutest spin on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  It was the greatest thing on Facebook on Thanksgiving Day (sorry to the “30 Days of Thankfulness” folks–Oh wait, I do that!).

So here it is, the first ever Joey-Krystal hand typed poem!

‘Twas the night we addressed Christmas cards, when all through the house,
Mason was chasing a little toy mouse;
Envelopes were addressed, licked, and stamped with care,
But YOUR address did not show up anywhere!

“Where do they live?” Joey thoughtfully said,
“My eyes are all sore, and my tongue is all red!”
Mason lay exhausted in Krystal’s lap,
“I don’t know where they live, we’re taking a nap!”

Suddenly, our cell phones made such a clatter,
We answered quickly to see what was the matter;
It was Old Saint Nick telling us to send our stash,
So we need your address in a flash!

The poem mostly worked, we got most of the addresses needed.  Happy Christmas Season!


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