Tie Dying for 20+

Published December 18, 2012 by krystal

Joey and I gave our students classroom made tie dye shirts as their Christmas present this year.  The students all had a blast getting to make their shirts and were eager to wear them in the Christmas program this evening.  Here is a run down of the process:

1. A couple of weeks ago, my students came in the classroom and were welcomed by this:

ImageI told the students to be sure to be on time that day and that there would be a surprise.  I did not tell them what was going on.  Imagine their faces when there were 4 mysterious tubs in the room that morning!  I’m usually not for surprises, as kids need stability, but sometimes surprises are FUN!

2.  All of the students who were there got to choose a design and the colors they wanted.  Here is their finished shirts while still in rubber bands.  The bottom two show mine and Joey’s star mandala designs:


3.  Next, we put each shirt in its own ziplock.  After a few days, I started taking the shirts out of the bags a couple at a time to air dry.  After 5-6 days I noticed they started smelling funny (lol) so every shirt came out immediately.  Our kitchen looked something like this (there were more elsewhere, too):


4.  Once they air dried, we washed them so they would not turn the students into little rainbows.  Below are some of my favorites:



The next picture shows mine and Joey’s.  Not too shabby for a first try at folded stars!  He really liked my sleeves, so I included them in the pic.

I think they’re just tie dye for!

2 comments on “Tie Dying for 20+

    • Yeah, we spent time writing names on the shirts the night before so we didn’t have to later. We used the liquid Rit dye. It was the first time I’ve ever used the liquid kind. I’ve used the powder many times, but don’t like it as much. The best dye is Tulip (or similar brand) fabric dye, but we needed a TON, so we would have needed a lot of the Tulip. It was easier to just get Rit.

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