Just Your Typical Friday Night MANi…

Published February 2, 2013 by krystal

Wow, it has been so long since I have posted!  I have been trying to work on my grad school project, so blogging hasn’t been my first priority.  Oh yeah, plus this nasty cold.  And I’ve been harboring a secret that’s eating me alive…  Anyhow, on to last night.

Joey and I constantly lose tweezers.  It’s bad.  I bought one of those fancy ones with the pretty ladies… I put them in a certain spot in the bathroom so I would never lose them.  Guess what?  After Christmas they’re lost (I’m not accusing anyone here, because I know no one was in our house but us)!  After turning the house upside down, Joey agreed we should buy some off of Amazon.  We could get 3 pairs of contoured shaped ones for $4!  Sweet!  I won’t feel bad about losing these, they’re cheaper than the cheap ones at Wally World!  The only problem:  they’re ALL blue.  Eww.  If I’m gonna pluck tiny invisible hairs out of my forehead I would like for my tweezers to be fancy.


Last night, Joey put a movie on, and Freddy joined us.  I was painting polka dots on the first and second pairs, and decided to do swirly flowers on the third pair.  Freddy took notice and admired my abilities.  I told him I would paint his nails next, expecting him to say no.  Boy was I wrong!  He put his hand out and asked for a skull!  I painted a flower.  🙂  I removed it and tackled the skull.  I was all finished and proud of my work, and took a very fuzzy picture.  When I went to try again, I knocked the nail, smudging the polish.  The commotion got Joey’s attention.  Somehow during all that he missed the memo that Freddy was getting his nail done!  So… I removed it again, and painted the skull again.  This time it was a little better (cuz I was experienced).  I took pics and was proud of my work.  Freddy said he’d wear it to school, too!


The Clean Up Wasn’t So Hot, But Over All, It Looks Great!

  I started off with Seche Vite Base Coat, painted 2 coats of Milani White On The Spot, then used a dotting tool to create the skull with OPI Black Onyx.  I shut the party down with CND Super Shiney Top Coat.  I think I need more Seche Vite TC…

Here are my current nails:


Interlocking Dots

Ok, so I basically did this but stopped at #6.  I started with Seche Vite BC, then painted OPI Italian Love Affair on the top half of my nail.  I freehanded the bottom half with OPI Casino Royal (it dries so much darker than the bottle).  I freehanded it because the dots cover any mistakes, and too many coats tend to chip.  I finished with CND Super Shiney TC.  I just love the interlocking dot look!

 Hopefully next time won’t be so long!

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