The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

Published March 4, 2013 by krystal

This makes me miss the holiday season!

It all started with a Gingerbread Shake from Burger King.  Joey and I sat in the red Bug in the parking lot of Burger King drinking our holiday shakes on that cold, rainy last day of 2012.  We made the call that would change our lives forever, but no one answered.  I was so nervous!  What if she was done for the day?  Would she call us back?  Would she work tomorrow?  It was all too much.  So I literally inhaled the poor Gingerbread Shake.  We made it across town, and almost to my parents house, when the phone rang.  It was her!  It was the realtor, and we were about to put in an offer on the most beautiful house in the town where I grew up.  Ok, maybe it’s more like the most beautiful house in the town that I grew up that can be purchased on two teacher’s salaries.


My car dressed up for the holidays.

We gave her our offer over the phone and started the endless (day long) wait.  We were anxious.  We were told that the sellers had rejected two other offers.  Sure, they were pretty outrageously low offers, but rejected at not countered, never the less.  We thought our offer was decent, but were still very insecure given the offer history.  The next day, the call came.  The sellers did not accept, but they counter offered!  We weren’t incredibly impressed with the counter offer–it was just the asking price!  We chose to counter their counter offer by offering asking price + closing costs.  We were thrilled when we received the call that they accepted!

Before we returned to Alaska, we were able to be present for the inspection.  We even got to meet the seller!  It was nice to meet her and hear of her memories in the house.  She told us about how the first summer they lived there, she dug up and endless amount of cacti that ended up there during the civil war.  The soldiers (accidentally?) brought the cacti in their hay.  She said she’d dig up one and two more would grow.  Fortunately, the cacti is all gone (I believe), so that’s one less thing!

So what exactly does all this have to do with the cat being out of the bag?  Joey and I are leaving Alaska.  For good.  On May 21.  It’s been five years and it is just time for us to move on to greener pastures, literally.  There are so many reasons to go back home. Maybe one day I’ll get in to that.  Or maybe not.  For now, we are excited about the possibilities that lay before us and also ready to pack up and move on!

One comment on “The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

  • I will take a milkshake over an adult beverage any day of the week! I would take a million more of those rainy days with you!

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