Wen by Chaz Dean (Pomegranate) Review

Published March 18, 2013 by krystal

You undoubtedly have seen the commercials on tv about Wen.  Those models who have terrible hair, so they stop shampooing and suddenly have the most gorgeous hair ever after using Wen.

I fell for the infomercial hook line and sinker, thinkingImage I was going to have hair like them.  I could not wait to get the product in the mail!  I was beyond thrilled when I received it Tuesday (almost a week ago).

On Wednesday morning, I stopped shampooing and started Wenning!  I made sure to follow the directions to a T, (except the repeat part).  Does anyone ever repeat?  My hair felt amazing Wednesday!  It looked pretty good too.  It was so light, smooth, and silky.  I could run my fingers through my hair any time of day and feel the silk gently pass through each finger.  There were no midday tangles (or evening tangles for that matter).  I was such a happy customer!

Thursday morning my hair was a little greasier than normal upon waking.  I normally shower and wash my hair each day, and I was not ready to stop this completely (like Wen recommends).  I followed the directions again as I did Wednesday, except I used warm water (cold water is just not comfortable, even if it is good for the hair).  After blow drying, the hair closest to my scalp was sick! It looked like I had not washed my hair in 2 or 3 days!  Eww.

On Friday (yes, I gave it another shot!) I decided to try again but use cold water.  Things turned out great on Wednesday with cold, so I thought I’d give it another go.  Boy was I wrong.  It was even worse than Thursday.  Fortunately for me, none of my students noticed, or if they did, they kept comments to themselves!

I used Wen one more time over the weekend before consulting Google (again).  There were many mixed reviews.  Some mentioned how great their hair was.  Others mentioned how it worked great for x amount of days, then things got bad.  Some customers mentioned having to wash hair every week to get rid of the build up.  There were even reviews reminding people how to use the product (like we can’t read?).

So I was left with the dilemma:  I could continue using it as directed (riiiight…), I could send it back to QVC (less $6.95 shipping and handling), or I could keep using it, but use it as a conditioner after regular shampoo (if that didn’t work, then I would send it back to QVC for a refund less $6.95 shipping and handling).  This morning I tried using Wen as a regular conditioner.  I made sure to keep it FAR FAR FAR away from my roots (that was the problem the whole time).  My hair was a little easier to brush than normal and a little less frizzy than normal–without any of the grease!

Will I keep it and continue to use it as a regular conditioner?  I still don’t know.

Will I ever buy it again?  NO WAY.

Would I recommend it to a friend?  NO.

Should you try it?  Maybe.  There are plenty of reviews of people saying it’s fabulous.  I am not one of the people who feel this way, but maybe you would be!

If you don’t like it, why would you keep it?  Why not get the refund minus $6.95 s/h?  Good question!  The post office is difficult to get to.  It’s about a mile away, and our 4 wheeler (only form of transportation) is buried under 4 ft. of snow.  Keeping Wen as a conditioner might be just as easy as finding a way to get the box back to the PO.  Plus, I never said I did not like it.  I said I did not like it for it’s intended purpose.  As a shampoo substitute it is horrible!  As a detangling conditioner, it’s not too bad.

Does it really smell like Robitussin? Specifically Robitussin, I’m not sure.  I’m more of a NyQuil kinda girl.  But… it does have
some eerie cough medicine smell to it, now that you mention it.

Apparently Chaz Dean uses it on his dogs.  Would you use it on Mason?  Mason can be a pretty greasy dude.  I don’t think he would be a good Wen pet.

Happy Shampooing!
(This girl is not converted!)
(I hope I’m not on Auto-Delivery!)

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