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Just Your Typical Friday Night MANi…

Published February 2, 2013 by krystal

Wow, it has been so long since I have posted!  I have been trying to work on my grad school project, so blogging hasn’t been my first priority.  Oh yeah, plus this nasty cold.  And I’ve been harboring a secret that’s eating me alive…  Anyhow, on to last night.

Joey and I constantly lose tweezers.  It’s bad.  I bought one of those fancy ones with the pretty ladies… I put them in a certain spot in the bathroom so I would never lose them.  Guess what?  After Christmas they’re lost (I’m not accusing anyone here, because I know no one was in our house but us)!  After turning the house upside down, Joey agreed we should buy some off of Amazon.  We could get 3 pairs of contoured shaped ones for $4!  Sweet!  I won’t feel bad about losing these, they’re cheaper than the cheap ones at Wally World!  The only problem:  they’re ALL blue.  Eww.  If I’m gonna pluck tiny invisible hairs out of my forehead I would like for my tweezers to be fancy.


Last night, Joey put a movie on, and Freddy joined us.  I was painting polka dots on the first and second pairs, and decided to do swirly flowers on the third pair.  Freddy took notice and admired my abilities.  I told him I would paint his nails next, expecting him to say no.  Boy was I wrong!  He put his hand out and asked for a skull!  I painted a flower.  🙂  I removed it and tackled the skull.  I was all finished and proud of my work, and took a very fuzzy picture.  When I went to try again, I knocked the nail, smudging the polish.  The commotion got Joey’s attention.  Somehow during all that he missed the memo that Freddy was getting his nail done!  So… I removed it again, and painted the skull again.  This time it was a little better (cuz I was experienced).  I took pics and was proud of my work.  Freddy said he’d wear it to school, too!


The Clean Up Wasn’t So Hot, But Over All, It Looks Great!

  I started off with Seche Vite Base Coat, painted 2 coats of Milani White On The Spot, then used a dotting tool to create the skull with OPI Black Onyx.  I shut the party down with CND Super Shiney Top Coat.  I think I need more Seche Vite TC…

Here are my current nails:


Interlocking Dots

Ok, so I basically did this but stopped at #6.  I started with Seche Vite BC, then painted OPI Italian Love Affair on the top half of my nail.  I freehanded the bottom half with OPI Casino Royal (it dries so much darker than the bottle).  I freehanded it because the dots cover any mistakes, and too many coats tend to chip.  I finished with CND Super Shiney TC.  I just love the interlocking dot look!

 Hopefully next time won’t be so long!

Swirly flowers

Published January 15, 2013 by krystal

Greetings, WordPress.  Today I will share with you this lovely masterpiece I created last night.  First, I used Seche Vite base coat to get the party started.  I used OPI Gargantuan Green Grape as my base, which is a minty green.  One of my favorites, OPI’s Italian Love Affair was gooped on with a dotting tool.  I immediately applied OPI’s You Only Live Twice and swirled it into the Italian Love Affair.  The leaves were made using OPI’s Jade is the New Black, with a small stripe of essence’s Lime UP!  I thought it needed a little more, so I added “puppy feet” with Milani’s White On the Spot and a dotting tool.  I finished up with Seche Vite’s top coat and admired the beauty of it!  I hope you like it too!


Swirly flowers without flash


Swirly flowers with flash

Winter is in full bloom!

Dotting Tool Flowers

Published January 6, 2013 by krystal

I was pretty excited that my husband Santa hooked me up with some dotting tools for Christmas.  I got striping tape and brushes, but haven’t experimented yet.  They came directly from China, which caused many conversations among the family.  The end result was that all of the presents were from China, mine just came directly.  I knew I wanted to make some flowers and used this as an inspiration.  I still have a long way to go before I look like that, though!  I don’t know why the pic is so crappy, I tried 100 times to get a good clear shot.  Oh well.
ImageApparently my nails rock irl, because this was a conversation I had with a check out girl last night:

Check out girl: “I love your nails! Where did you get them done?”
Me: “My parents house?”
Check out girl: “Oooh I need to go there! They are awesome!”
Me: “Oh no, I did them myself at my parents house with the dotting tools I got for Christmas.”

I should have just told her Mason did them.

Santa Hats & Christmas Tree Nails

Published December 17, 2012 by krystal

I finished all of my final exams on Wednesday Tuesday someday last week.  It was such a relief to be done!  I didn’t have as many large, spread out assignments this semester, like in the past.  This semester I had a lot of little assignments due each week.  I thought this would be easier to deal with, but as it turns out, I just ended up constantly worrying if I turned EVERYTHING in or not!  Needless to say, I’m glad it is over!  So glad, in fact, that I eventually got around to doing my nails fabulously at 10:00 Sunday night.  🙂  I got some nail art stickers in Anchorage a few weeks ago, but decided to stick to paint this time.  I got inspiration for the trees here.  And for the Santa hats here.  I just love Christmas!


I used:
Red- Milani Rapid Cherry
Dark Green- OPI Jade Is The New Black
Light Green- essence Lime Up!
Silver- OPI DS Silver Shimmer
White- Milani White On The Spot
Yellow- essence Little Miss Sunrise
Top coat- CND Super Shiney & Seche Vite

I really like how they turned out, but next time I probably won’t put white on silver.
Thanks for looking!
Merry (early) Christmas!

Polka dot Rain

Published December 6, 2012 by krystal

I’ve been a little busy lately, and haven’t really been rocking any pretty nails.  I finally made time to do them tonight, and I think they turned out cute!  I used essence colour & go in Little Miss Sunrise, and OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts.  The dots were done using a bobby pin (maybe Santa will bring me dotting tools?).  It was all topped off with Seche Vite!

ImageI should probably start some Christmas nails…


In Alaska, We Leave Ice Cream in the Car

Published November 21, 2012 by krystal

Our last day/night in Anchorage was pretty laid back, like our usual last days in Anchorage.  We did most of our shopping yesterday, so today was spent just tying up some loose ends.  We went to the mall, and from the parking garage, we caught a glimpse of Denali/Mt. McKinley!  It was amazing!  We have both seen it from the Parks Hwy., flown over it, and drove up to it.  It somehow never gets old!  I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to crop this picture, or shrink it down.Image

We did some other things, etc.  Then Joey suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese for din dinImage and some games!  Heck yes, Joey!  One of our favorite things to do is to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  Down south, we like to take our youngest nephew, but in Anchorage we usually go alone.  Surprisingly, we rarely get any strange looks!  We’re just there for some pizza and good clean fun!  Some of my fellow coworkers like to come to town to visit a bar, but that’s not us.  We like to remember and enjoy every minute in town, since trips are so few and far between.  Plus, I really don’t need any more toxins than I already have.  🙂  I am super competitive… Joey is not.  We usually add our tickets separately, and then I rub it in for two days how I won the most, or I sulk for two days about how I should have beaten him by winning more tickets.  He thinks the whole thing is silly.  He just wants to have fun and play Skee Ball.  Silly Joey.  We decided to add our tickets together  since our collection of receipts is quite large.  One day our nephew will have a field day with all those tickets.  For the record, 142 of those were mine, less than 100 were Joeys, and the rest were mutually won at the Deal or No Deal game.  Do you love my nails?  I used the end of a bobby pin to make the dots.

Joey mentioned that we needed to pick up a turkey for Freddy.  Freddy likes left overs and wanted a 20 pounder for himself.  Joey said we could just get it and some ice cream on the way to the airport tomorrow.  I suggested we just get it and leave it in the car.  It’s 9* outside, I don’t think anything would happen to the turkey or ice cream!  So we did.  I wanted to get the 19.68 lb turkey for Freddy, but Joey thought the 18.28 lb (smallest turkey left) was good enough.  Sorry Freddy, I tried!

Tomorrow we will head back to the village for a few weeks until Christmas.  I can’t wait for the parade and all the Thanksgiving fun in the village!


Crocodile Saran Wrap Nails

Published November 15, 2012 by krystal

I have seen many Saran Wrap manis floating around the interwebs, and decided it was time I joined the trend.  I had this beautiful mint chocolate vision, straight out of the grocer’s freezer.  It would be delicate, simple, and adorbs.  The end result was not really what I was expecting.  It was exactly opposite of what I was going for, actually.  It looks like something that would crawl out of the swamp, like Lestat in Interview With a Vampire.  It could be the back drop for a monster’s family photo, and might disappear if I were holding a turtle.  It would be the perfect man mani, if manly men were to have colored manis.  I could totally see Joey wearing it to go hunting, if men wore polish.  After all, he wouldn’t want the deer seeing his nails, now would he?

Without further adieu, behold my crocodile saran wrap nails!

Image1.  One coat of Seche Vite base coat was applied.

2. Two coats of essence LIME UP! were applied.

3.  One coat of Seche Vite top coat was applied

4. I waited an hour or so to make sure it was really dry.

5.  One coat of OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.

6. I instantly dabbed it with Saran Wrap and put a coat of Seche Vite top coat on.


I will totally do the Saran Wrap technique again, maybe even for my next set.  I will not use this combo, unless of course, I’m out hunting for a deer!

If I don’t blog again in the near future, check the swamp, I might have fallen in!


Christmas Photo Nails

Published November 10, 2012 by krystal

Every year, Joey, Mason, and I get all dressed up and take a cute photo for Christmas.  There are no professional photographers here, so we have to get creative when making our own props, back drops, and poses, then smile for the camera!  Getting a cat to look at the camera without a scowl is not nearly as easy as it sounds.  We eventually find the perfect one (or one good enough).  The photos are then edited, and digitally sent to an online card making company who magically creates a work of art for us to mail to our loved ones.  I have started making my nails look fabulous for the event, as I never know if they will show or not.


Milani Rapid Cherry, Sally Hansen Go Green, Essence white stamp polish, Konad M59, and a kitchen sponge were used to create this masterpiece!

In the past, even years have produced beautiful pics (2008, 2010) while the odd years haven’t been the greatest (2009, 2011).  What will 2012 bring?  Hopefully it will be the best yet!


Did I mention I like to paint my nails?

Published November 7, 2012 by krystal

Did I mention I like to paint my nails?  Well, I do.  A lot, actually.  I usually use OPI nail polish, though I have a few other brands here and there.  I use Konad to make the super cool patterns.  Seche Vite or CND Super Shiney are my top coats of choice, in that order.  What is my favorite color?  Why, Italian Love Affair, of course!  Paired with a black design it is just perfect.  OPI describes it as romantic and pearly.  I agree.

I am kind of into the accent nail, but not as much as some people.  I hate explaining why one is different, so it’s usually easier to just do them all the same.  I am definitely not a pro, but I try, and get lots of compliments irl.

Here are some of my faves over the last year:

This is plaid Italian Love Affair with Maroon. I like the ILA/maroon combo, it’s probably one of my faves!

Dotted Love Affair, my current look! It’s black with ILA.  My ring finger was done with one of the reinforcement stickers.

Half moons over Italy- ILA with a black swirly Konad stamp. Half moons were achieved by using reinforcement stickers.

Italians Love Hounds Tooth- Do they? IDK. This is ILA mixed with maroon hounds tooth.

A Wild Italian Ride! This is the famous water marble technique. I used ILA, yellow, brown, and baby blue.  It turned out a little sloppy, and weighed down my nails more than I usually like. It was fun for a once in a while thing.

Blue Zebra- This reminds me of a candy cane I ate once. I really like using the pastel and regular version of a color.

Hot Pink Zebra- I love pink, and I love zebra! I’ve probably done this combo many many times.

Strawberries! This was one of my cute summer designs. The dots were done using a Konad plate. The green tops were done using regular scotch tape that was cut crooked.

Hounds Tooth & Red. A classic, it reminds me of winter, even though I painted it over the summer.

A Palm Sunset. I did this design for our trip to Virginia Beach. One of my favorites ever. I used a regular kitchen sponge to make the orange, red, and purple. The arch was made using reinforcement stickers.

Woo Pig Sooie! A shade of OPI brown, topped with white laces, hand drawn, clearly. The red is a Melani shade, with Melani glitter.

I hope you enjoyed my hard work!


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